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About Us

I Am With You is a little devotional book which has already changed countless lives. All of us are like these sheep stumbling along on a journey towards Jesus The Good Shepherd. The words in the book are "heart whispers" received in times of prayer by Revd. John Woolley, former Chaplain in a British hospital. Jesus, our risen Lord, speaks words which are personal and always meet the need of the moment. I Am With You unfailingly gives a sense of God's nearness, to strengthen and uplift in any kind of need. Peace is conveyed to those whom life has hurt in some way.

The ever-growing readership in all parts of the world brings thousands of letters of appreciation. The book has proved itself to be an essential companion for times of prayer and bible study; its impact is such that readers find it very hard to put down. Truly this is a gift to His children, from our Lord Himself, for the present day.

About the I Am With You Foundation

Have you ever read a book which has changed your life, a book which always has practical advice and which gives peace from our Lord Jesus Himself, however many times you read it? So many people all over the world have felt the impact of this book, especially if they are depressed or in trouble - you can read other people's experiences.

The Foundation has been set up to print and distribute the mini booklet version of the devotional book, I Am With You, based on "heart whispers" which Fr John Woolley has received from the Lord. We send this mini booklet to over thirty countries and it is free. Although we are a small charity we seem to reach so many people everywhere who need this book. We also organise retreats and are in regular contact with the members of the I Am With You Fellowship.

I have the privilege of being a Trustee of the Foundation and of seeing the effects of the healing love of Our Lord through the pages of I Am With You. I see how it lights up the darkness in so many lives and is like a river in the dry places which we so often encounter as Christians.

The spread of the book has nearly always been by personal contact and recommendations - without advertising or widespread publicity.

Although the Foundation has never asked anyone to translate I Am With You, offers to put the book into other languages are regularly received. Translations are either completed, or in progress, in at least ten languages. The Royal National Institute for the Blind has translated the book into braille, and tapes of selections from the book have been made.

The great volume of correspondence about I Am With You testifies to its meeting of personal needs and its life-changing qualities in many instances.

The book seems to be used in different ways when prayer is made before reading. Invariably the reader finds a current need met by our Lord's words, which always blend beautifully with those in the Bible.

Those associated with I Am With You find that its words, speak very gently to the heart, essentially peace-giving. We have also discovered that the book offers answers to many of the often-agonising questions which Christians have. A parish priest once said:"I Am With You makes a wonderful spiritual director".

One of the most exciting aspects of the mission of this little book has been its rapidly-growing ministry in prisons where, so often, faith has been re-kindled. Hundreds of letters are received. One comment was "I take I Am With You like medicine, three times a day". Another was "I fell head over heels in love with the Lord who gave us these words". Always the message has been that God has been made to feel very real and very near.

The book is completely inter-denominational and has brought about many friendships across denominational boundaries. (R.K)