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I Am With You Newsletter 2021


Dear Friends

We live in such strange and challenging times, but The Lord is always with us! "With God all things are possible" Mark 10:27. We wondered how the pandemic would affect us and it is clear that our books and booklets are needed more than they have ever been! We have been overwhelmed by the demand for the booklets, especially in UK prisons where inmates are locked up nearly the whole day. Fr.John Woolley would be amazed to see how The Lord's "heart-
Whispers" to him have circulated and have helped so many!

We receive many emails and letters, e.g.
"I took a copy in the library in Dartmoor, I read it over and over again, when desperate it gave me hope."
"To read it is to have a window into Heaven!"
"These booklets are such a blessing for my work as Chaplain."
"I take it like medicine, 3 times a day."
"Impossible to measure its impact on me."  


A number of groups using the books have started, but there is certainly scope for more and we can help with advice, CDs, booklets, possibly even with publicity. Please let us know about your progress.


While it is great that the books and booklets are helping so many in need, there is scope to do so much more; we still need help with social media, book distribution and donations — our only income. We also have many translations which can be downloaded from our website. Please ring us for prayer and thank you for all you do!

Ros Kraushar, Chairman, I Am With You Foundation,
2 Lauradale Road, London, N2 9LU