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I Am With You Newsletter 2020


Dear Friends

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! While the world is in such turmoil with the virus, we wish you peace, good health and lots of fruit! It is certain that people need our books and minis more than ever; we continue to receive so many letters, e.g. “These books are absolutely amazing...I was lucky to receive them in prison”. “I have read this book every day for 20 years, it is so wonderful, Jesus is so close!” “To read it is to have a window into Heaven”.

We continue to reprint our 7 minis and find it hard to believe that we have sent 1 million copies all over the world! John Hunt Publishing has now also sold over 130,000 of the original ‘I Am With You’ and has now launched ‘The Friendship Of Jesus and God`s Secret’ by John Woolley. This is a brilliant book for anyone wanting to know Jesus – we recommend it strongly and it should be available in most Christian book shops as well as from John Hunt.  


We are encouraged by the prayer groups using John Woolley`s “heart-whispers” from the Lord, but we would like many more such groups; we can help with advice, CDs, booklets and even publicity. Please contact us.


We are keen to distribute another million of our minis – they help everyone in need! We also have many translations which can be downloaded from the website We still need help on social media, book distribution and donations (our only income). And please ring us for prayer Many thanks for all you do and please continue – it is the Lord`s work!

Ros, Chairman, The I Am With You Foundation, 2 Lauradale Road, London.      N2 9LU.  Tel. 020 8883 2665, email,   website: