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John Woolley 1928-2008

A Missionary of God's Word

John Woolley grew up in Chester and worked as a racing correspondent for the local paper before being called to train for the Anglican ministry. Married to Edna (who survives him), they had 3 children. He served for over 10 years in several parishes in the Liverpool diocese and was much loved by his parishioners – 4 coach loads went to attend his induction in his second parish! He was then called to hospital chaplaincy and moved South to St Albans to minister in the local psychiatric hospital

For many years he kept on receiving “heart-whispers” from the Lord which he recorded on any scrap of paper that he could find and in 1980 he founded the I Am With You Foundation. The first book with these “heart-whispers” – I Am With You – was published in 1984 and the other books followed. In the early `90s he set up a nationwide ministry involving days of renewal, retreats and talks across the Christian denominations

John received the Lord`s promise that the “heart-whispers” would spread worldwide and he used the Foundation to put this into effect. He spent most of the time in his later years responding to the prayer requests and testimonies of thousands of readers of the various books. The rest of his life was dedicated to this activity – he helped the Lord change so many lives!