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Books & CDs


These books below can be obtained from Good News BooksAmazon Books and Christian book shops. Alternatively, you can contact us at


  • If anyone wishes to hear a Fr John recording from I Am With You, this is the thing to buy. Especially good for those who do not hear or cannot read. The 3 recordings come in a pack and cost £15 and can be obtained from 2 Lauradale Rd, London, N2 9LU.


  • Set of 3 Cds of excerpts from I Am With You
    • Achieving
    • Friend
    • Trusting

Each of these CDs is £3.50 plus P&P.

  • Four talks by Fr. John Woolley given at Craig Lodge Weekend, Dalmally, Scotland.
    • "God Chooses the Weak Things"
    • "The Secret Place"
    • "In His Sure Hands"
    • "Our Gaze Fixed"

    Each CD includes all four talks. Price £3.50 plus P&P or whatever people can afford. 

Cheques to "I Am With You Fellowship". Please send to Ros Kraushar, 2 Lauradale Road, London, N2 9LU.