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Here is another testimony…

For those who are hurting

  • Marvellous to give to people in trouble.
  • Such hope within it's pages.
  • A great support.

Abide in My love

  • Wonderful meditations.
  • Drawing people into His love.
  • Giving words beyond normal speech.
  • I love the really extravagant view of Jesus.
  • Every sentence is vital and precious.

My burden is light

  • Why do we worry?
  • So positive and helpful.
  • Everyone has burdens. This book explains how to deal with them.

Many Mansions

  • For those experiencing grief and loss. So much consolation.
  • Marvellous for funerals.
  • Heaven is real.

3 thoughts on “Here is another testimony…

  1. Marie Cecile

    I have been reading this little book for over 5 years, I read a page each evening before going to sleep and I have read a new message everyday!
    Thank you Jesus

  2. Anne Gelder

    This little book has been a true blessing
    An inspiration and a guide
    Filled with love
    Overflowing with wisdom
    Received with gratitude in my heart
    A book to relish and never part.
    Thank you my Lord for guiding me to see it on the shelf in Westminster Abbey shop.


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