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Here is another testimony…

I was sitting in Church when a lady came up to me with one of the little books in her hand, and started talking. She sat down, and spent the next half hour telling me all the wonderful things that had happened to her since she had picked up one of these booklets for the first time. She wasn't a local lady, she came from Broadclyst which is quite a few miles away, but she likes to come to Honiton because she finds it friendly. She was a widow and she said that since having her first book, she has become so aware of our Lord's Presence with her, when she was feeling lonely, that she mustered up the courage to drive up to the Midlands to visit friends and relations. She said that for her, this was very brave, as she had never really had the courage to drive far, even when her husband was alive. She got lost and took the wrong road, but she didn't panic and kept very calm and when she stopped in a motorway car park, she was led to two very kind people who got out their map and showed her where she had gone wrong. So she eventually arrived at her destination safely - and calmly. This lady is in her 80s!

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